Cisco’s Concert-Lecture on the rediscovery of Irish and Italian folk music

The Italian Society is proud to present a very special event, a concert-lecture from Cisco and his orchestra!

Stefano “Cisco” Bellotti is an Italian singer and songwriter who rose to fame after the many years he spent playing with the popular folk-rock band Modena City Ramblers.
Cisco’s passion for music has roots both in classic rock bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd; and in the tradition of Italian songwriters such as Fabrizio de Andre’ and Francesco Guccini. However, it was while listening to The Pogues that Cisco developed a great interest in folk music, which finally led to his discovery of Irish folk artists such as Christy Moore and the Chieftains, as well as Eastern European and Southern American traditional music. Since then, his music has been characterised by a mix of folk melodies and punk energy, combined with poetic  lyrics; and often dealing with political and social issues.

During his years with the Modena City Ramblers, Cisco toured extensively around Italy, Europe and also South America. He performed with artists such as Van Morrison, Cranberries and Deep Purple.  Modena City Ramblers’ albums feature contributions from several international artists such as Terry  Woods from the Pogues. Cisco left the band after 14 years in 2005, having sold over 700,000 albums with them, and has pursued a solo career ever since.

The concert-lecture will take place in the Printing House on Friday the 1st of February. Cisco will give a short lecture about the importance of rediscovering and reliving traditional music, and perform an acoustic concert afterwards.

More information about Cisco’s visit to Ireland can be found here:


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