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March 16, 2013

Housing and urbanization: is the “concrete jungle” the only way to go?

On the 20th of March at 7pm in the Joly Lecture Theatre, Hamilton Building, the Italian Society will host the talk:
Housing and urbanization: is the “concrete jungle” the only way to go?

held by Benedetta Colombo, architect at FAI, the Italian National Trust, with the mission of protecting the Italian’s natural heritage (more information on FAI at

In the talk our guest will firstly analyze how the use of the land has changed in the recent years both in Europe and in Italy. In particular the speaker will focus on the missed opportunities for the re-qualification of the urban spaces. Then, she will show photographs to discuss the campaigns undertaken by FAI to preserve the Italian landscape; their successes and their failures. In this way, she will present the alternatives to the current urbanisation plans; she will highlight the role of Europe and how landscape architecture must be taken in greater consideration in the future.