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  • Wednsday 8 December 2010. Film night in memory of Mario Monicelli. Last week the great Italian director Mario Monicelli died at 95 in Rome. To celebrate his life and his love for cinema the Italian Society will show I Soliti Ignoti on Wednesday 8 December at 7pm in the Emmet Theatre. (Weather permitting!)
    I Soliti Ignoti–the title chosen for the English-speaking audience was Big Deal on Madonna Street–is the story of five small-time Italian thieves who join forces for a big job under the supervision of a retired burglar. Made in 1958, it is loosely based on a short story by Italo Calvino and packs a stellar cast which includes Vittorio Gassman, Claudia Cardinale and Marcello Mastroianni. It is considered one of the finest examples of Italian-style farce or ‘Commedia all’italiana’ and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1959 Oscars. 7pm, Arts Building, Emmet Theatre.
  • Tuesday 30 November 2010. Film: Mediterraneo (1991). Gabriele Salvatores’ instant-classic Mediterraneo tells the story of a group of clumsy Italian soldiers during WWII, dispatched in the middle of the Greek sea on a little island; their mission is to spot enemy ships and to hold the island in case of attack. The village of the island seems abandoned and there isn’t a single enemy in sight, so the soldiers begin to relax a little. Things change when their ship is hit and destroyed by the enemy, and the soldiers find themselves abandoned there. Best Foreign Language Film in 1992. 7pm, Arts Building, Emmet Theatre.
  • Wednesday 17 November 2010. Film: I Cento Passi (2000). Marco Tullio Giordana’s I cento passi (“the hundred steps”) tells the real story of a young man, Peppino Impastato, killed by the Mafia in the late Seventies for daring to break the curtain of silence (omertà) imposed by the powerful Mafia don who lived exactly a hundred steps down the road from Peppino’s house in a small Sicilian town. 7pm, Arts Building, EmmetTheatre.
  • Wednesday 3 November 2010. Film: Federico Fellini’s La strada (1954). A naive girl (Giulietta Masina) from a destitute family is sold to an itinerant street entertainer (Anthony Quinn). Fellini’s Oscar-winning film is a tragic and haunting tale of repressed and unexpressed feelings. 7pm, Arts Building, Davis Theatre.
  • Wednesday 27th October 2010.  Film: Improvvisamente l’inverno scorso (Suddenly Last Winter). This is a documentary about the aborted proposal to introduce civil partnership legislation in Italy. The film will be preceded by a talk by Senator David Norris on the Irish experience and director Luca Ragazzi will be available for a Q&A session after the screening. 6pm, Arts Building, Synge Theatre.

Don’t forget to check this page for other Italian-related events around Dublin!

Ciao a tutti, 

To round off this term and see all of you off before the Christmas break, we are having a small Christmas aperitivo at La Dolce Vita on Wednesday, 15 December, at 7pm.

You can have a glass of Insolia (white) or Nero d’Avola (red) for 5 Euro or a glass of Cervinara (red or white) for 6 Euro, and help yourself to some delicious Italian-style aperitivo nibbles.

La Dolce Vita is in Temple Bar, at 5 Cows Lane, and is easy enough to find (for a map:, but to make things easier for you all you can meet us at 6.30 pm at Front Gate and head there with us.

We hope to see you all there!

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