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March 5, 2011

Women’s Week Film Night – 7 March

As part of Women’s Week at Trinity, Monday 7th March at 7pm in the Joly Theatre in the Hamilton Building, the Italian Society will show ‘Vogliamo anche le rose’ (2007). Directed by Alina Marazzi, the film follows three women through their life experiences in the Italy of the 1960s and 70s.

The film looks again at recent events from a female point of view, through the first-hand accounts provided by the diaries of three women. Rather than focus on the alleged objectivity of facts, the film gives space to a chorus of voices that narrate those events in first person, visually supported by archival footage of the period, drawn from the most varied sources – institutional, public, militant and private.
Anita, Teresa and Valentina come from different Italian regions and different social backgrounds, but share the same feelings: they no longer feel part of a society based on the patriarchal family, on the power of “husbands” and on the supremacy of males, which requires them to be efficient mothers, obedient wives and virtuous daughters.

Alina Marazzi, born in 1964, lives and works in Milano, Italy.

A documentary film director. Has worked as assistant director for feature films and video art projects. Her critically acclaimed Un’ora sola ti vorrei won best Italian documentary at the 2002 Torino Film Festival, and received special mentions by the jury at the 2002 Locarno Film Festival and at the international It’s All True Festival in São Paulo in 2003.


Vogliamo anche le rose

TCD Women’s Week

February 13, 2011

TCD International Film Festival 2011

Thursday 17th February at 5pm in the GMB’s Resource Room (on the top floor)

The Italian Society will take part in the first ever Trinity International Film Festival, as part of which we will show Daniele Lucchetti’s acclaimed feature Mio Fratello È Figlio Unico (My Brother Is An Only Child, 2007), about two brothers who, in the polarized political divide of the 60s and 70s in Italy, take opposite sides and try to reconcile their being brothers with their divergent political convictions and their love for the same woman. The film will be shown on Thursday 17th February at 5pm in the GMB’s Resource Room (on the top floor) and entry is absolutely FREE.