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March 11, 2011

Roberto Benigni legge Dante

Amor, ch’a null’amato amar perdona,
mi prese del costui piacer sì forte,
che, come vedi, ancor non m’abbandona.
(Inferno V, 103-105)

A screening of Inferno V read by Roberto Benigni will take place on Wednesday 16 March at 7pm in the Davis Theatre, Arts Building.

In his journey through Hell, Dante meets the tragic lovers Paolo and Francesca. Francesca had been engaged to the deformed Giancotto Malatesta but fell in love with his younger brother Paolo as they read together the story of Lancelot and Guinevere’s romance. Giancotto surprised them one day and stabbed them both to death and the pair were condemned to exist in a whirlwind in the second circle of hell.